Qualified multiplication coaches have received additional coaching…

Benefits of Organization

It’s natural to expect a new congregation to become independent,…

How to Organize as an RCA Church

If your church plant is self-governing, self-supporting, and…

13 Characteristics of Successful Church Planters

Characteristics set developed by Charles Ridley

Church Plant Timeline

Preparing to launch a church plant can be overwhelming. To stay…

Anatomy of a Church Planting Movement

Multiple churches have established church planting centers staffed with a full-time person in charge of raising up church planters who will develop their own church planting centers. The goal of these churches is not just planting churches, but planting churches that will become church planting centers themselves.

Ten Things Successful Parent Churches Do

These ten tested principles reflect the experience of 20 RCA parenting churches that pioneered the practice of “churches planting churches.”

Determining a Church Plant’s Classis: The Church Multiplication Team Conviction

Read about the Church Multiplication's team commitment and conviction to accountability in planting and sustaining churches.


Growing a financial base for a new ministry isn’t easy, but it’s essential for a church plant’s success.

Sixteen Ways to Plant a Church

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to parenting a new church. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 16 different approaches to church planting for parent churches.