RCA Church Multiplication provides a holistic funding system to supports the efforts of our church plants, parent churches, and classis and regional leaders. Please review the following information thoroughly, and if you have additional questions please email multiply@rca.org.

Micro Grants

The Reformed Church in America Church Multiplication team has 13 micro-grants available for church plants to support church planter development and church plant growth. Six grants are specifically to support planter development, and the other seven support church development. Grant applications are accepted throughout the year and are typically reviewed within three weeks of the submission. A single church plant is able to apply for up to $25,000 in micro-grants.

Below is a description of each grant, qualifications and the monies available.

Planter development grants

These grants help assess, train, and support church planters. To qualify for a planter development grant, church planters must have a composite score of at least 75 percent on the ISA (with the exception of the assessment grant). For a link to the ISA assessment, please email multiply@rca.org

Church Plant Milestone Grants

These grants help new churches grow, expand, and develop in various ways. To qualify for a church plant milestone grant, church plants must have an approved New Congregation Plan.

Block Grants

Church plants in classis that are able to demonstrate its use of best practices for church multiplication have the option of applying for a block grant of up to $25,000 instead of the micro-grants. Classes that want their church plants to be block grant eligible must fill out the document below.

Once your application is approved, you church plants are able to apply for the block grant with the following form.

Classis Capacity Grants

The RCA Church Multiplication team wants to come alongside classis leaders and churches to empower exponential growth and impact in a deep and permanent way. To this end, the RCA offers a classis capacity grant of up to $22,500 per classis. For one year, the RCA will offer startup funding to help guide leaders and systems toward best practices in church multiplication.

For an overview of the process, review the document below

If you classis is ready to start the process, please complete the document below.