Involving multiple senses in worship can connect us to God on a deeper level. Use these worship resources to help your church community experience God through the senses. It can also help us express our worship in a creative way. These resources offer several creative ways that your church community can come before God in worship. A Family Christmas Eve Service Use this simple, at-home service to help prepare for Christmas Day. A Tenebrae Service for Holy Week: “Walking the Path that Jesus Walked” This station-based worship experience will help worshipers try to imagine what Jesus was feeling before he died. A Visual Way to Begin an Easter Service Help people imagine what it was like to find Jesus’ empty tomb on Easter morning. Reflecting on God’s Forgiveness: Station-Based Worship Experience Based on Psalm 32, this station-based worship experience will help worshipers reflect on God’s forgiveness. Abiding in Jesus: Station-Based Worship Experience Based on John 15:1-9, this station-based worship experience will give worshipers an opportunity to reflect on what it means to abide with God. Advent Family Fun Night A night of family fun to get into the spirit of Advent. Christmas Worship Stations This station-based worship experience will enable worshipers to reflect deeply on the circumstances of Jesus’ birth. Community Christmas Eve Worship Service A reenactment of the nativity story led by children. Experiencing the Book of Matthew through the Senses Ideas for sensory experiences based on the book of Matthew. Experiential Worship for Children: God the Potter Help children explore Isaiah 64:8 through this sensory experience. Lent Devotions How you can follow Jesus’ example in your personal devotions during Lent. Experiential Worship: Pentecost Service An experiential worship service for Pentecost. Psalm 23 Prayer Walk with Communion Prepare people’s hearts for communion with a prayer walk based on Psalm 23. Experiential Worship Prayer Suggestions Prayers that appeal to the senses. Symbols in Worship Illustrate foundational aspects of Christianity with these powerful symbols. The Liturgical Calendar Shape your worship experiences around the liturgical calendar.

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