Growing a financial base for a new ministry isn’t easy, but it’s essential for a church plant’s success. You can help your church plant raise money to support its ministry with these strategies:

Fundraising Ideas

New Ministry Campaign

Parent churches often fund their building projects with capital campaigns. You can use the same techniques to raise money to plant a church. Lay out the mission, values, target audience, and costs of your church plant. Then challenge your church to hold a capital campaign to get the ministry off the ground. The money raised will help cover staff, program, rent, and start-up costs.

Churches raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to build buildings for people already in the church. Challenge your congregation to put the same effort into reaching people who are not part of any church.

Sponsoring Churches

Invite other area RCA churches to help you sponsor a new church by pledging a given amount of money to your plant annually for a three-year period. Include a clear and specific proposal in your invitation so churches can get a good grasp of the plant’s ministry goals.

Soda Support System

Launch a Soda Support system for a church plant. Here’s how it works:

Once a month give a can of soda to each family or person from your church who wants to participate. Instruct them to drink the soda, rinse out the can, and make the opening in the can larger, so they can turn it into a change jar. Suggest that families put the cost of a can of soda (50 cents) into the change can five days per week. Participants can also put pocket change in the can at the end of each day.

Collect the change cans from participants at the end of the month. Give them a new can of soda and repeat the process.

  • 50 cents per day X five days a week = $2.50 per week
  • $2.50 per week X 52 weeks = $130.00 per year (per family)
  • 10 families participating = $1,300 per year
  • 20 families participating = $2,600 per year
  • 30 families participating = $3,900 per year
  • 40 families participating = $5,200 per year
  • 50 families participating = $6,500 per year

Gifts in Kind

Some businesses or individuals will give building materials, office equipment, or furniture as a write-off charitable expense. Prepare a list of needs that they can help fill.

Baby Bottle Drive

Some have used the idea of a “baby shower” to raise money for a plant. The parent church hands out 50 baby bottles for its “new baby” (the church plant). People fill up the bottles with change lying around at home, or in their cars. The filled baby bottles help the parent support its “baby,” the plant.

Mobile and Online Giving

Organizations like Faith Street enable churches to set up recurring and one-time donation systems online and on-the-go through mobile and text giving. This makes it easier than ever for people to give to your plant.