When you’re planting a church, it pays to know your target demographic. MissionInsite can help with that.

What is MissionInsite?

MissionInsite helps faith-based and nonprofit organizations learn more about the people that they serve so that they can identify more effective strategies for connecting with them.

What tools does MissionInsite offer?

ExecutiveInsite: This 16-page report views your community through the lens of 12 essential “insites” critical to the development of effective ministry. Based on the 2010 census, it is specifically designed to provide a valuable interpretation of the data. The ExecutiveInsite report also includes information about charitable giving and religious practices in your community collected by the Simmons Market Research Group. This is an excellent demographic report to use with church leaders to support imaginative ministry planning.

Quadrennium: The Quadrennium Project Report provides a projection of likely religious beliefs, preferences, and practices for a defined study area. It is based on the Quadrennium Project national survey conducted by MissionInsite. While general religious data is available through various organizations, only MissionInsite can provide local geography projections that are current.

How much does it cost?

Using MissionInsite won’t set you back a dime! It is available as a gift to churches through a generous grant given to Christian Reformed Home Missions and RCA Church Multiplication. If you want to know more, contact Church Multiplication at multiply@rca.org.

How do you request a MissionInsite report?

Just fill out this MissionInsite request form and send it to multiply@rca.org.