A Guide to Church Plant Governance

If you are reading this, you are probably already a great blessing to a church plant. I have yet to meet a planter who does not want to be accountable to and upheld in prayer by a group of spiritual leaders during the planting process. Planting is really hard work on many levels—long hours, slow results, fickle people, tight resources, tough decisions, lonely leadership, and then there are the inevitable spiritual attacks. It’s a big help to have a team that is deeply invested in the ministry and knows the “big picture,” even if the team is not present for the day-to-day work.

Evidence shows that a good oversight or governing team often brings out the best in a planter. This contributes to a stronger, healthier plant. As an oversight team, you can truly influence the development of a church plant’s ministry! Planters need encouragement, wisdom, and accountability to perform at their best. When you offer those qualities, you become a blessing to the planter and the many people they touch.

This booklet outlines the unique work of governing a church plant so that each member of your church plant oversight team knows how their gifts can be used to support a planter’s ministry.

Thanks for taking time to review this handbook as preparation for your important ministry together with your planter. God bless your good work!

Ben Ingebretson

Multiplication consultant, Regional Synod of Mid-America

Download the complete Oversight Team Handbook.