• Donors are gifts from God.

Many of them have received the spiritual gift of giving from the Holy Spirit. They are waiting for the right person or project to come along so they can share their gift of giving.

  • Donors give to people they trust.

Establish relationships with donors. They need to know they can trust you with their gifts. Being a friend to them will help establish that trust. Never give a donor a reason to doubt your integrity.

  • Donors prefer projects with clear goals and plans.

When a project doesn’t have a clear plan or goal, it is harder for the donor to trust that their money will be used well. Make sure your project is well thought out before you share it with a donor.

  • Donors want to see how they make a difference.

Donors feel more connected to a project when they know how their money helped make it happen. Tying their gifts to specific aspects of a project can make the gift more meaningful to them.

  • Donors should be treated with respect.

Sometimes donors say “yes,” and sometimes they say “no” or “I am not able to help right now.” Each is an acceptable answer and deserves a respectful