Identifying Next-Generation Church Planters: Six Key Traits

The next generation of planters might be sitting in your church this Sunday. John Alwood offers six tips for identifying these potential leaders.


Feel called to church planting?

We encourage you to take the Initial Screening Assessment (ISA).…

Fresh Start

The leaders of New Life Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan,…


Qualified multiplication coaches have received additional coaching…

Church Planter Assessment Road Map

Think God is calling you to church planting? We encourage you…

Anatomy of a Church Planting Movement

Multiple churches have established church planting centers staffed with a full-time person in charge of raising up church planters who will develop their own church planting centers. The goal of these churches is not just planting churches, but planting churches that will become church planting centers themselves.

How to Develop a Strong Classis Church Multiplication Team

Do you want to grow your classis and reach new people groups by starting vibrant churches? Here are some best practices that come to us through field experience and the Book of Church Order.

Determining a Church Plant’s Classis: The Church Multiplication Team Conviction

Read about the Church Multiplication's team commitment and conviction to accountability in planting and sustaining churches.

Working with Donors: Five Things to Remember

Here are five things to remember when working with donors.

Six Actions That Cause Health and Growth

From the Natural Church Development (NCD) international study,…